Poeti bashkëkohor Atilla Elüstün
Autori i poezise dhe befasise poetike Rumune Dorin Cozan
Autorja e njohur Corina Gina Papouis! Mrekullia poetike midis orientit dhe moderrnizmit
Poeti bashkëkohor Qipriot -Turk Ahmet Ómeraga
Seref Ozturk
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Autorët Përmetarë
Artisti i madh i Folklorit Popullor Vasil Çuri
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Prezantimi Poeteve : Lediana Paja
Prezantim i talenteve të rinj :Ivana Dervishi
Seria e Autoreve Qipriote (Turqi)
Poetja Bashkëkohore Nese Yasin
Poeti bashkëkohor Atilla Elüstün
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Imazh i Rreme
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Beyond the Grey Curtain
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Attila Elustun

Biography of Atilla Elüstün

He is the second son of a teacher mother and civil servant father. He was born on 16/08/1961 in Ankara. He had his primary, secondary and High school education there. He had to postpone his education because of the worst period in Turkey; political, economic and political   chaos.
Then they moved to Istanbul with his family. Since primary school he was interested in literature, significantly poetry and was involved in various activities and educational studies.
Some of his poems were published in various literature magazines e.g.: Sair Cikmazi Dergisi-Dead End Poets Society Magazine, Yalin Ayak Dergisi-Bare Foot Magazine, Yasayan Yarin Edebiyat Dergisi-Living Darling Literature Magazine, because of the economic crises are not making profit he carries on working.
He has two sons Halit Dogus and Mustafa Baris and Atilla addresses them as his treasures. Atilla is a very humble person and leads a modest life.
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Hit the roads (180°)

don’t go wait
we’ve got unfinished business
fragile days
at the courtesan nights
with my naked dreams
I must come to you
don’t go wait
we’ve got lots of unfinished business
we will gather dreams
mute darling
hit the roads (180°)
if lived without questioning
without comments/borderless
the past is beautiful and
morrow as well...

Poem by: Attila Elüstün 18.11.2009
Translation by: Günsel  Djemal

when mystery descended
to the shores of Erenkoy
our dreams are hazy
saddened and guiltless
the foxes' don't throw
satanist javelins
into our brains
without underestimating
we keep alive our
the rest of our days
will be lived preciously
we don't intend to walk
double-faced on the streets
and not to delineate the
sadness in our green eyes
we beat it in our hearts
even if it would hurt
every single bit of us
we don't repeat words
we don't get offended
we have no intention of offending the night
will pierce the horizon
once again.
with a warm smile
.../our place
we know our limit.

Poem by: Atilla Elüstün- İstanbul
Translation by: Günsel Djemal -London

There isn't a centre of love

There isn’t a centre of love

“fear and be wrathful of the wine
because it is badly red”
Attila Ilhan

tonight the wine is badly red
i have wrapped the stars into my tobacco
rainbow in its smoke
i am aged she is fresh
is it because of that?

i don’t understand anything from what I am drinking

there are droppings of a thousand fragments of steam, on my table
one of which is…my love
the moss tastes like fish green like Bogaz
i am questioning my past, in the pages of dream
is it because of that?

i don’t understand anything from what I am drinking
my heart is rear, one dark horse
wired phosphorescence in his mane
stars, sea and the moon
on her lips, sorrowful one rosebud

can not keep-up
is it because of that?

tonight the wine is badly red
i don’t understand anything from what I am drinking.

Poem by: Atilla Elüstün 30.12.2002/2004 - İstanbul
Translation by: Günsel Djemal - 2004-19/2/2009 - London

its sword in hand
the night
is approaching me
on my mind...
the grey hair of my battle
and my loneliness
it’s the lovesick season
the pen fell in love with the paper
the agony on my guitar
on my tongue
your favourite/that
melancholy tune
my dream a pensive duck

as the hours struggle

Poem by: Atilla Elüstün - İstanbul
Translation by: Günsel Djemal-London

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